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What is a Light Aircraft?

How light does a plane have to be for it to fall under the category of a "light aircraft"? As long as the aircraft has a maximum gross takeoff weight (MTOW) of 12,500 pounds (5,670 kilograms) or less, then the plane falls under the category of light aircrafts. Most airplanes today are made out of aluminum which is strong yet amazingly lightweight, although many parts may be made of other metals such as steel and titanium. The Cessna 172 is the most produced aircraft in history.

Examples of Light Aircrafts

What are some examples...

How Many Parts are in an Aircraft?

Aircrafts have pushed the limits of science and technology over the centuries. From its first conception in the 1880s and its first stable flight in 1903, aircrafts have since adapted countless alterations. The simpler propeller engines became jet engines. The planes that used to carry one to two persons now carry hundreds of passengers.  But does this mean that parts of airplanes have changed over centuries? Well, the answer is yes. What used to be vessels having not more than hundreds of parts have developed into full-blown technological wonders. So, you might ask, “How many parts are in...

Top Aviation Schools in the United States for Aspiring Pilots

This article was updated on November 21, 2019 For many, becoming a pilot is living the dream. Whether you’re looking to fly your own private plane or go career by joining a top airline as a commercial jet pilot, there is no shortage of flight instruction schools all over the country. Choosing a suitable flight school might be as simple as picking one from nearby. After all, there are some learning centers available on-site at most airports, and there are many others that are off-site managed by private training companies.  But it might be worth keeping in...

Basics of Piloting

Becoming a pilot sounds like a tough job, and we are not here to tell you otherwise. To become a pilot, you need to train and study hard. After all, the lives of so many individuals depend on your skills. But do not let this discourage you! Like any other challenging endeavor, it can be absolutely surmountable. First, you have to know the basics.    What are the top 3 things you have to know about piloting?   Knowing what kind of pilot you want to be  Each type of pilot has a specific job  description