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Why is plane maintenance so important?

Before a plane can take off, it needs to go through maintenance and inspection. An aircraft is composed of complex pieces of machinery put together. Even a tiny component out of place or not correctly attached can affect how your aircraft operates, making it unsafe for flying, Aircraft maintenance is a holistic procedure that should be done regularly in order to maintain the airworthiness of your plane, whether it is new or old. It also ensures the lifecycle of your aircraft, lowers the maintenance cost in the long run, and reduces unexpected failure events. This should not be taken for ...

All you need to know about Mooney aircraft

Mooney aircraft has been a favorite budget-friendly, fuel-efficient, and fast plane for general aviation aficionados. Mooney is well-known for having a single engine and for carrying the signature vertical stabilizer with a vertical leading edge and swept trailing edge, which gives it the illusion of being forwardly swept. Among the most popular Mooney planes are the M22 Mustang (the first pressurized single-engined, piston-powered aircraft), M20TN Acclain Type S (the fastest civilian single-engined, piston-powered aircraft), M20J 201 (the first production aircraft to achieve 323kph on 200hp) and M20K 231 (the fastest transcontinental flight in a single-engined, piston-powered production aircraft). But ...

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