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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Plane

Aircrafts can be collected like cars but cannot be maintained the same way. Unlike our four-wheel drives, we cannot just roll our planes in a garage and ask someone to start washing it with regular soap. Planes are complicated machines mounted with powerful engines that need more tender loving care than you usual transportation. That’s why we have compiled a few do’s and don't's that we would like to share with you so you do not make the mistakes that newbie airplane collectors or owners commit:


Aircrafts are probably one of the most useful machines invented but with complicated parts that need lots of tender loving and care. For aircraft mechanics, their own version of TLC is spelled through regular scheduled maintenance, or spot cleaning, and proper lubrication.

In this article, we will talk about lubricants and what they do for your aircraft’s engine. We will also talk a little bit about some tips on how to always keep your engines lubricated, and of course, what the benefits of keeping it so are:


Every industry has their own set of rules. These rules ensure profitability and ethical business practices among peers. To help keep these rules steadfast and relevant, there are government agencies that help regulate the movements of these industries and monitor how the players are complying. Unfortunately, while these rules keep the industry standard practices at its finest, it can also hinder business growth if these rules are not aligned together.

Such is the case for the entry of the Russian aircrafts MC-21 and the modified SSJ100 jetliners. Recent reports said that there are incongruence in...