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Do You Speak the Aircraft Language?

Aircraft personnel like pilots, ground staff, and cabin crew have their own way of communicating. Their codes, protocols, and rules may sound funny, scary, or intimidating to us but these systems keep everything in motion. So, for you to not get lost in the translation of these codes and jargons flying around during your 16-hour long haul flight, allow us to give you a bit of a glossary to understand the situation. Here are the most common words spoken, feared, and mentioned during your flights: Let’s begin with the funny ones. BLUE JUICE When someone offers you...

Passing Pilot School

Getting off school is one of the toughest endeavors that every student must face. Earning your training hours, passing your subjects, and getting good grades are all too far fetched until you join the workforce. This is no different for students who go to pilot schools. Their training and education system may be different, but they still have to make the cut to fly that plane. If you are one of the aspiring ones to be the next plane captain, here are some tips we have for you to help you survive pilot school with flying colors:


The Leader in Aircraft Exhaust Maintenance

Aircraft exhaust maintenance is one of the trickiest parts of keeping a vintage plane in top shape. The fact that its components are hard to come by, has made maintenance even more difficult. Since private aircrafts or air taxis has a specific target market, there are not a lot of mechanics who can service such vehicles. Here at Knisley Exhaust, we pride ourselves for having a complete inventory of parts and employing only the most skilled aircraft mechanics in the industry. Our experience and capacity has led us to handle and service the known big brands of the aircraft...