13 of the Best Aviation Podcasts for Those Into Flying

There’s nothing like being in the cockpit of a plane. Whether it’s the thrill of soaring through the clouds or just enjoying the peace and quiet, aviation is an activity many people enjoy. If you’re one of those people, consider getting even more involved in aviation by listening to some great podcasts about it!


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There are tons out there for every type of person, whether you’re interested in learning how to fly or just like hearing people talk about flying and airports. Here are 13 of our favorites:

1. Airline Pilot Guy Show

It’s hosted by Jeff Nielsen, an airline captain from ACME Airlines. His podcast covers industry, travel-related stuff, incidents and accidents, and answer listener feedback. While Nielsen talks about his own experiences, he also brings in guests from other airlines to get their perspectives. With over 500 episodes to date, the podcast is very consistent and is updated every week. 

2. Airplane Geeks

This podcast is a weekly show hosted by Max Flight and Max Trescott that discusses all things aviation. As pilots and airplane enthusiasts, they’re very knowledgeable about the industry and often discuss news stories and military and general aviation topics. The podcast is fun and informative, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

3. The Fighter Pilot

If you’re a fan of flying and exploring the fascinating world of combat flight, this podcast for you. It’s hosted by retired Air Force fighter pilot Vincent Aiello. In each episode, he interviews guests in the aviation industry to discuss their experiences and careers with air combat. This podcast appeals to those interested in everything from military aviation to civilian aviators.

4. Aviation Careers Podcast

The show is hosted by an an experienced pilot, Carl Valeri. His passion for the industry shines through in his podcasts, which provide information and inspiration on aviation jobs and careers. It is designed to help you become more familiar with the industry, learn how to advance your aviation skills, and even land your dream job if that’s what you want!

5. The Finer Points

A podcast by a renowned certified flight instructor, Jason Miller, this show is all about the finer points of flying, from small tips to big ideas. They discuss everything from flight maneuvers to life lessons learned in the air. The show covers not only general aviation topics but also commercial aviation, military aviation, and spaceflight as well.

6. AviatorCast

This is a podcast for pilots, passengers, and anyone else who has an interest in the world of aviation. Hosted by a professional pilot, Chris Palmer, it’s consistently one of the best-reviewed podcasts on iTunes. Focused on current events in aviation and interviews with aviation experts, AviatorCast is a great way to stay updated in various fields related to flying.

7. The Green Dot

The Green Dot is hosted by Hal and Chris, two of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s most famous commercial pilots and flight instructors. This podcast features the human side of aviation and what it’s like to fly a plane for a living. It also covers more technical topics like air traffic control and weather forecasting.

8. Inspired Pilot

The Inspired Pilot is a podcast that aims to inspire, encourage and motivate pilots to keep their passion burning. Its host, Marvyn Robinson, discusses various topics relevant to aviation and personal flight journeys which are impactful enough to move and inspire other flight enthusiasts.

9. Pilot to Pilot

If you’re looking for an audio companion while stuck on the ground or just want another way to learn more about your dream flying job, this podcast is for you! A certified airline transport pilot named Justin Siems hosts it, and he is joined by renowned airline personalities that are sure to catch your interest every week.

10. Pilot Briefing

Another podcast to keep you updated on the latest and hottest news about aviation is Pilot Briefing. It’s a weekly show delivering a five-minute rundown of information, interviews, and analysis from the aviation industry. It is hosted by Jill Tallman, an instrument-rated private pilot and a part-owner of a Cessna 182Q.

11. AMA Hangar Talk

AMA Hangar Talk is an informational and entertaining podcast that features interviews with pilots, mechanics, and other aviation enthusiasts. Hosted by Ian Twombly and David Tulis, each episode covers various stories, including notable pilots, aviation policymakers, and everything in between.

12. Never Again

It explores the frightening side of aviation through the eyes of pilots, mechanics, and other aviation professionals. This podcast offers an avenue for you to learn about the troubles of others while flying so you can be prepared if the same thing happens to you.

13. There I Was…

This eye-opening podcast focuses on the real-life unpredictable scenes, and lessons learned from the hard job of flying a plane rather than the lux and glamor of the industry. Each episode is about thirty minutes to an hour long and is guaranteed to give you something to think about for hours after you finish listening.


That’s our list of the best aviation podcasts! If we missed your favorite one, please let us know in the comments below!


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