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1 K3-1493 Muffler w/tailpipe

2 K4-1104 Muffler w/o tailpipe

3 7-1299 Rear Stack

4 7-1298 Front Stack

5 2-1538 Tailpipe

BELLANCA Bellanca Citabria Exhaust

Bellanca Citabria Exhaust Parts

            Originally designed and produced by the Champion Aircraft Corporation in 1964, the Citabria is a single engine, light utility aircraft that is commonly used in flight training and personal use capacities. Though the Citabria was designed based on a culmination of designs acquired by Champion from Aeronca in 1954, Champion was ultimately taken over by Bellanca Aircraft Corporation in 1970 who then continued to produce the variants designed by Champion.

            Much of the design of the Citabria is similar to that of the Champion though the noteworthy changes to the design of the exterior include the squared-off rudder surface, wingtips, as well as the rear windows. Another unique design feature of this aircraft that can be traced all the way back to the Aeronca models of the 1920s is the triangular cross-section of the fuselage.

            In terms of the operational history of the Citabria, in 1964 it was the only commercially produced aircraft with an aerobatics-certification in the United States, in addition to being a favorite of flight trainers due not only to the aerobatic capabilities of the aircraft, but its  conventional landing gear as well.

            And since 1964, well over 5,000 Citabria have been produced so if you are one of the proud owners of a Bellanca Citabria aircraft, look no further than Knisley Welding if you require one of the following parts for your planes exhaust system:

1. K3-1493 Muffler w/tailpipe

2. K4-1104 Muffler w/o tailpipe

3. 7-1299 Rear Stack

4. 7-1298 Front Stack

5. 2-1538 Tailpipe

*all of the above exhaust parts are approved by the Aviation authority for modification, and Knisley Welding protects new and overhaul exhaust parts against workmanship defects under conditions of ordinary use, for a service period of one year with no limit to the amount of hours that the part in question has been used.