AviaBellanca Aircraft Corporation is formerly known as Bellanca Aircraft Corporation. It is an aircraft design and manufacturing company that is based in Alexandria, Minnesota. It was founded in 1927 by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca, the designer and builder of Italy’s first aircraft. Bellanca Aircraft Corporation was sold to L. Albert and Sons in 1954.

Here is one of Bellanca’s aircrafts:


The Bellanca Citabria is a two-seater conventional gear aircraft powered by a single engine first produced in 1964. It was designed and originally manufactured by Champion Aircraft Corporation. Bellanca acquired Champion Aircraft in 1970. Citabria production under Bellanca has ceased in 1980. The remaining assets of Champion were liquidated in 1982.
Citabria is famous for being the only aircraft of its time to be certified for aerobatics. Citabria is a utility aircraft but was mostly used as trainers, as glider tow planes, and as personal plane. The Citabria has also been used for military operations.
Variants of the Citabria have been released. They are:

  • 7ECA, Citabria Standard, Citabria Aurora

  • 7GCAA, Citabria 150, Citabria "A" Package, Citabria Adventure

  • 7GCBC, Citabria 150s, Citabria "C" Package, Citabria Explorer

  • 7KCAB, Citabria "B" Package

  • Citabria Pro

Intriguingly, another company that also came by the name of Champion Aircraft Company produced Citabrias through the 80’s. However, this company is not related in any way too the original Champion Aircraft that Bellanca has acquired and liquidated.
Knisley Welding caters to the aircraft exhaust systems of the following Bellanca aircraft models:

  • 17-30/30A/31A

  • Bellanca Citabria

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Bellanca Citabria