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Originally developed to be much stronger and more powerful than the Baron 55, the Beechcraft Baron 58 aircraft was first introduced in 1969 and was made with double aft baggage door, new club seating, and an increased gross weight of 5,400 pounds. The type of engine the aircraft is fitted with depends on the variant itself, with the engine being either the Continental IO-520 or IO-550 300-hp engine.

Another improvement made by the Baron 58 over both the Baron 55 and 56TC is the increase in rear baggage space created by the lengthening of the fuselage, and the increased comfortability of the six-person seating arrangement.

In terms of the variants made of the Baron 58, in 1976, Beechcraft introduced the Baron 58 Turbocharged (TC) and the Baron 58 Pressurized (P). Then almost 10 years later in 1984, further improvements were made in the panel system layout on the 3 Beechcraft 58 models-the 58, 58TC, and 58P, which include relocating the throttle, gear, flap, propeller and mixture controls to industry-standard positions. Though discontinued in 1984 and 1985, the originally constructed Baron 55 was still in production as late as 2015.

A well maintained exhaust system for your valuable aircraft is crucial for performance and safety, so when looking for the professional exhaust parts and services for your Beechcraft Barron 58 aircraft, Knisley Welding is exactly where you will find them.

In addition to the extensive list of FAA/PMA approved parts for various aircraft models, Knisley Welding also provides the following exhaust parts for the Beech 58 Model aircraft:


1 K58-950000-13 Left Hand Inboard Stack

* K96-324101-11 Left Hand Inboard Stack w/egt

2 K58-950000-9 Left Hand Outboard Stack

3 K58-950000-7 Center Stack

4 K96-950002-33 Forward Stack

* K58-950000-1 LIB or LOB Complete

* K58-950000-11 Right Hand Inboard Stack

* K58-950000-15 Right Hand Outboard Stack

* K96-324101-12 Right Hand Outboard Stack w/egt

5 K58-950000-5 Center Stack

6 K96-950002-9 Forward Stack

* K58-950000-3 RIB or ROB Complete

7 K96-950002-47 Stub Riser

* Not Shown

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*all of the above exhaust parts are approved by the Aviation authority for modification, and Knisley Welding protects new and overhaul exhaust parts against workmanship defects under conditions of ordinary use, for a service period of one year with no limit to the amount of hours that the part in question has been used.