Originally produced in 1957, the Beechcraft Bonanza H35 is a single-engine, V-tail aircraft with a Continental Motors O-470G 240 hp Engine. While the Model 35 was first introduced in 1947, this variation of the Beech aircraft, the H35, is noticeably different in terms of the strengthened structural and internal trim changes.

            Additional features of the Beech H35 include:

   Smaller rear window

   Individually adjustable front seats and front/rear seat center armrests

   Hydraulic engine oil and a change in the propeller pitch

   Vernier engine controls

   Automatic fuel-mixture control

   Sight and touch gear and flap controls

Other options and modifications for the H35 include:

   Upgrade to the instruments panel

   Modifications to the fuel injection system for the O-470GCI

   Improvements in the cabin ventilation system

   Longer third window

Keep in mind that the specifications, including the wingspan, length, height, and max tow weight vary for the production year and the individual aircraft. But regardless of which Bonanza model aircraft you own or operate, a well maintained exhaust system for your aircraft is crucial for performance and safety so when looking for the professional exhaust parts and services for your Beech Model H35 aircraft, Knisley Welding is the place to find them!

In addition to the extensive list of FAA/PMA approved parts for various aircraft models, Knisley Welding also provides the following exhaust parts for the Beech H35: 

1 K492-27 Right Hand Muffler

2 K35-950004-13 Right Hand Stack

3 K35-950004-9 Right Hand Tailpipe

4 K492-7 Left Hand Muffler

5 K35-950004-5 Left Hand Stack

6 K35-950004-7 Left Hand Tailpipe

BEECH 35H-P Exhaust

*all of the above exhaust parts are approved by the Aviation authority for modification, and Knisley Welding protects new and overhaul exhaust parts against workmanship defects under conditions of ordinary use, for a service period of one year with no limit to the amount of hours that the part in question has been used.