BEECH » 33/35-33

Made by Beechcraft since the mid-20th century, the Beech 33 Bonanza (previously known as the Debonair) and the Beech 35 are some of the most popular civil utility aircraft in America. And as with any aircraft, the exhaust system of these Beech aircraft models must be made of the highest quality and design if you expect your Beech 33/35 to be performing at top levels.

In simplified terms, the exhaust components of the airplane engine help to keep the aircraft working efficiently by providing the energy needed to compress the air that is mixed with fuel, to ultimately provide the thrust which powers the plane. The exhaust pipes also allow that mixture of fuel and compressed air, to be let out the back of the plane (i.e., the exhaust), as well as aid in a variety of other engine processes.

A well maintained exhaust system for your valuable aircraft is crucial for performance and safety, so when looking for the professional exhaust parts and services for your Beech Model 33 or 35 aircraft, Knisley Welding is exactly where you will find them.

In addition to the extensive list of FAA/PMA approved parts for various aircraft models, Knisley Welding also provides the following exhaust parts for the Beech 33/35-33 Model aircraft: 

BEECH 33/35-33 Exhaust

K35-950116A (with center slip) Right Hand Stack 

                *K35-950116 (without center slip) Right Hand Stack

2 K189-1 Right Hand Muffler

3 K35-950133 Tailpipe

 K35-950118A (with center slip) Left Hand Stack

                *K35-950118 (without center slip) Left Hand Stack

5 K186-1 Left Hand Muffler

*all of the above exhaust parts are approved by the Aviation authority for modification, and Knisley Welding protects new and overhaul exhaust parts against workmanship defects under conditions of ordinary use, for a service period of one year with no limit to the amount of hours that the part in question has been used.

So when you need high quality exhaust parts for your Beechcraft plane or any number of aircraft models, check out our online catalogue for details on the hundreds of parts we offer, and don’t hesitate to give us a call when you have any questions!