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Beechcraft Musketeer aircrafts has been occupying the skyline since the second world war has ended and it still flying over the horizon today because of its commitment to quality.  Built by the Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1963, the first 4,000 units were sold like peanuts.
This machine is among the low-winged, single-engine, light aircraft that has premium models under its belt, which includes the retractable gear Model 24-R Sierra, Model 19 Musketeer Sport, Custom and Sundowner, the Model 23 Musketeer, the Model 23-24 Musketeer Super III, and the military CT-134 Musketeer.
But no matter how sturdy a machine is, time will be its greatest enemy. Some parts give-up earlier than the rest of the machine which is why an experienced mechanic knowledgeable about aircraft and composition is a must when owning aircrafts.
Among the most technically difficult part of the aircraft to repair or replace is the muffler. Others may only see a muffler as a smoke belching pipe, but aircraft enthusiast would think otherwise. This is where Knisley Welding Inc., can be your most trusted ally in maintaining and repairing your aircraft.
The company keeps a healthy stock of parts for Beechcraft Musketeer aircraft which means there is always a stock in inventory.


BEECH 19/23/24 099001-117 Muffler
099001-117 Muffler


BEECH 19/23/24 169-950012-45 Muffler
169-950012-45 Muffler


BEECH 19/23/24 169-950014-21 Muffler
169-950014-21 Muffler