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Beech 18 Exhaust Parts

          Also known as the Twin Beech, the Beechcraft Model 18 is a 6-11 seater, twin-engined, light aircraft and was produced in Wichita, Kansas from 1937 until 1969 and has been sold across the globe as not only a military and cargo aircraft, but a civilian executive and passenger airliner as well. The Beechcraft 18 Model, made by Beech Aircraft Corporation, also has an extensive history of being utilized for different purposes in WWII, especially in training roles for bombardiers and navigators.

          Over its 30 year production period, the Model 18 underwent several engine and airframe modifications with the intended purpose of increasing the gross weight and speed of the aircraft. The fuselage and undercarriage are also components of the Beech 18 that have undergone extensive changes and modifications. Additionally, the Model 18 was made in over 30 different variants from the original aircraft, and though there were nearly 9,000 Beech Model 18 aircraft produced in the mid 20th-century, according to the FAA Aircraft Registry, there are 300 still in the U.S.

A well maintained exhaust system for your valuable aircraft is crucial for performance and safety, so when looking for the professional exhaust parts and services for your Beech Model 18H/E aircraft, Knisley Welding is exactly where you will find them.

          In addition to the extensive list of FAA/PMA approved parts for various aircraft models, Knisley Welding also provides the following exhaust parts for the Beech Model 18 H/E aircraft:

1. K18-950011-1 Cylinder 1&9


2. K18-950012-1 Cylinder 2&3


3. K18-950013-1 Cylinder 4


4. K18-950014-1 Cylinder 5


5. K18-950015-1 Cylinder 6


6. 18-950016 Cylinder 7&8





BEECH 18 H/E Exhaust


*all of the above exhaust parts are approved by the Aviation authority for modification, and Knisley Welding protects new and overhaul exhaust parts against workmanship defects under conditions of ordinary use, for a service period of one year with no limit to the amount of hours that the part in question has been used.