Beechraft Corporation is a Textron Aviation company (together with Cessna and Hawker) that manufactures general aviation and military aircraft. It is based in Wichita, Kansas. It started its operations in one of Cessna’s idle factories under husband-and-wife tandem Walter and Olive Ann Beech. Beechcraft is famous for its line of King Air turboprops, Baron G58 and Bonanza G36 piston aircrafts.

Beechcraft is a well-decorated aircraft company. In 1942, Beechcraft won an Army-Navy “E” award, a recognition given to companies during World War II for excellent production of war equipment. The Beechcraft Model 18 brought in a number of awards to Beech. Model 8 is still used around the world to this day. Beechcraft was also recognized as one of the elite five percent of war-contracting firms in the US for being able to hold the excellent production title for five consecutive years. Furthermore, Beechcraft was ranked 69th in the US corporations in World War II for its military production contracts.

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18 H/E
35 Turbo