Knisley Welding Incorporated is known for the quality manufacture, service, and repair of Aircraft Exhaust systems. Though we have ventured into manufacture, we started as a service and repair business, and we still work with top-notch brands of aircraft in order to be able to provide expertise to as many aircraft exhaust systems as possible. Knisley Welding has partnered with, and services the aircraft exhaust systems of the following well-renowned names in the aviation industry:


Cessna Aircraft Company is an American aircraft manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, and is known for its line of Citation jets, Caravan turboprops, and classic piston aircrafts. Cessna became a subsidiary of Textron Aviation in March 2014.


Piper Aircraft, Inc, located in Vero Beach, Florida is a general aviation manufacturer that is owned by the government of Brunei. It was founded as Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company.


Beechraft Corporation is another Textron Aviation company that manufactures general aviation and military aircraft. It is also based on Wichita, Kansas. It actually started its operations in one of Cessna’s idle factories by husband-and-wife tandem Walter and Olive Ann Beech. Beechcraft is famous for its line of King Air turboprops, Baron G58 and Bonanza G36 piston aircrafts.


Mooney Aviation Corporation, Inc. (formerly Mooney Aircraft Company) is a Chinese-owned aircraft manufacturer based in Kerrville, Texas. They are best known for single-engined general aviation aircrafts, and that all their aircraft carry the signature vertical stabilizer with vertical leading edge and swept trailing edge, giving the illusion of being forwardly swept. Moreover, Mooney has gained popularity for being able to produce the following:

  • M22 Mustang – the first pressurized single-engined, piston powered aircraft.
  • M20TN Acclain Type S – the fastest civilian single-engined, piston-powered aircraft.
  • M20J 201 – the first production aircraft to achive 323kph on 200hp.
  • M20K 231 – the fastest transcontinental flight in a single-engined, piston-powered production aircraft.


AviaBellanca Aircraft Corporation is an aircraft manufacturing company based in Alexandria, Minnesota. It is founded by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca in 1927 as Bellanca Aircraft Company.


Partenavia Construzioni Aeronautiche was an Italian aircraft manufacturer. It was founded by Professor Luigi Pascale of Naples University in 1957. All of Partevania’s assets, design rights, and trademarks were bought by Vulcanair, former space parts producer, when it went bankrupt.


Bell Aircraft Corporation based on Marietta, Georgia, was an American aircraft manufacturer that produced numerous fighter aircrafts for World War II. It became famous for the production of Bell X-1 the first supersonic aircraft, and also for the creation and development of several VIP and military helicopters. In 1960, it was bought by Textron Aviation, and is now known as Bell Helicopters and is now headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.


Helio Aircraft Corporation was founded as Koppen-Bollinger Aircraft Corporation by Otto Koppen and Lynn Bollinger in Massachusetts in 1948. It manufactures utility aircrafts. Helio Aircraft offers the latest versions of the legendary Helio Aircraft duo, the 10-seater Helio Stallion and the 6-seater Helio Courier, both now equipped with the latest in aviation technology.